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  • Chevy Chase: 5530 Wisconsin Avenue; Suite 1045; Chevy Chase, MD 20815; Phone (301) 670-8338
  • Rockville: 3200 Tower Oaks Blvd; Suite 430; Rockville MD 20852; Phone (301) 770- 1733
  • Fax: (301) 670-8339 (all locations)
  • Allergy injections are administered in our Alexandria and Rockville offices.
  • Please schedule an appointment so that our waiting rooms do not get too crowded.
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  • Our TeleMedicine address is www.doxy.me/goldbergallergy

It is rare to find a physician like Paul Goldberg, MD. I had been suffering from a cough for two years and had seen many pulmonologists and other physicians who hadn’t been able to solve my problem when I heard about Dr. Goldberg. Not only did he listen intently, asking questions that helped him understand what may have caused my long term cough he came up with a unique and tiered solution. If the first tier didn’t work he told me, we would go to the second approach and so on. His first set of protocols not only worked brilliantly, after two years of non stop coughing I was cough-free in little over a week! I was elated! I just contacted Dr. Goldberg again this time at the beginning of a cough to prevent a long term problem from occurring again. Once again, Dr. Goldberg spent a lot of time with me to get to the root of the problem and like last time, I believe he solved it for me. Thank you Dr. Goldberg!

Tamara Meyer

Dr. Goldberg took his time to see my daughter after having a severe allergic reaction. He talked to us for over two hours. Doctor Goldberg has passion and compassion. This is something I feel so many doctors are lacking. His staff is amazing, personalized appointment reminders, help with prescription cost. He is the best!


I’ve been visiting allergy doctors in the Washington D.C. area and around the country since I was young. I have never experienced a doctor who listens, cares, and gives the quality of treatment that I’ve received at Dr. Goldberg’s office. The administrative office reflects this level of care and empathy and I recommend his practice to allergy and asthma patients. Dr. Goldberg was one of the first to swiftly move to online appointments at the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, ensuring the safety of his patents, and offering alternatives to treatments.